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Enjoy a short break or city break in Wales, where you can plan your weekend getaway or last minute trip.


Short breaks, city breaks and weekend getaways in Wales

Explore The Captivating Charm Of Wales: Delve into a realm of rolling hills, serene coastlines, and profound historical roots. Wales invites you to visit with its breathtaking landscapes, majestic fortresses, and thriving cultural mosaic.


Presenting some of our favourite city breaks in Wales for your fantastic weekend getaway.
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Featured City Break

City Breaks In Llandudno

Llandudno may not be the first place that springs to mind for a weekend break in the UK, but get ready to be surprised.

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Experience the allure of picturesque villages, stunning national parks, and rich cultural experiences. Wales offers an ideal retreat for rejuvenation, adventure, and exploration. Take a look at our short breaks in Wales:

Short Breaks in Monmouthshire

A trip to Monmouthshire in Wales will leave you refreshed, recharged and full of wonderful memories.

Short Breaks in Blaenau Gwent

A weekend break in Blaenau Gwent will reconnect you with the countryside and the beauty of nature.

Short Breaks in Powys

Embark on a journey to Powys, where Wales unfurls its panoramic vistas, ancient castles stand guard over mystical landscapes

Short Breaks in Gwynedd

Gwynedd is a beautiful part of Wales brimming with activities for lovers of the outdoors.

Short Breaks in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire has beautiful countryside and is a wonderful destination for a weekend break.

Short Breaks in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire in Wales is one of the most popular areas in the country for short breaks.

Short Breaks in Vale of Glamorgan

The Vale of Glamorgan in Wales is the perfect short break destination for peace and tranquility.

Short Breaks in Conwy

Conwy is one of the most beautiful parts of North Wales and ideal for a weekend break.

Short Breaks in Anglesey

Anglesey is a wonderful place to visit for a short break or enjoyable weekend trip.

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