Short Breaks in Surrey

Visit Surrey: Your Ideal Weekend Break

Located in the southeast of England, Surrey offers an idyllic escape from urban life while being conveniently close to London.

Its diverse landscapes, from the rolling Surrey Hills to the tranquil River Wey, set the scene for a plethora of outdoor activities.

Surrey blends rural charm with cultural richness, making it an excellent choice for short breaks whether you’re into hiking, history, or simply enjoying some quality time in a beautiful setting.

Landscape of Surrey, England
The countryside in Surrey makes for an excellent weekend getaway from city life.

Why Short Breaks In Surrey?

Surrey presents a compelling argument for those looking to take short breaks that offer both relaxation and a touch of adventure.

The county’s proximity to London makes it an easy escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, yet it offers an entirely different world of experiences.

Surrey is a haven for nature lovers with its stunning Surrey Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The region is steeped in history and culture, from Tudor castles to modern-day theatres, giving visitors a range of activities to fill their itinerary.

Whether it’s leisurely river walks, adrenaline-pumping outdoor sports, or enriching cultural experiences, Surrey has something for every traveller.

Tudor homes in Surrey, England
Some beautiful Tudor buildings near Woking in Surrey. Photo by Dave Robinson.

Getting to Surrey: Your Quick Guide

Surrey’s well-connected infrastructure means it’s exceptionally accessible from various parts of the UK, making it an ideal destination for a quick getaway.

Whether by car, train, or even bus, you’ll find that reaching Surrey is straightforward and hassle-free.

Here are some ways to get to your short breaks in Surrey:

  • By Train: Frequent services from London, taking as little as 30 minutes.
  • By Car: Easily accessible via the M25 and A3 highways.
  • By Bus: Various local and long-distance routes available.
  • By Air: Closest airports include Gatwick and Heathrow, each under an hour’s drive.

Average Driving Times To Surrey

LocationAverage Time
London30-45 minutes
Manchester4 hours
Bristol2.5 hours
Birmingham3 hours
Edinburgh7.5 hours

Highlight: The Surrey Hills

The crown jewel of Surrey has to be the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that stretches across a quarter of the county.

This scenic expanse offers sweeping views of rolling hills, lush forests, and idyllic farmland, serving as a sanctuary for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Whether you opt for a gentle stroll, an ambitious hike, or a cycling adventure, the Surrey Hills present a stunning backdrop that epitomizes the rural beauty of England.

It’s a destination that captivates all senses, and a compelling reason to opt for short breaks in Surrey.

Photo of a couple enjoying a short break in Surrey.
The Surrey Hills is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Photo by Crispin Jones.

Activities and Entertainment in Surrey

When it comes to activities and entertainment, Surrey provides a wealth of options to suit all tastes and interests.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find ample hiking, cycling, and horseback riding opportunities in the Surrey Hills.

Meanwhile, families can enjoy educational visits to places like the British Wildlife Centre or the Brooklands Museum, which delves into the history of British motorsport and aviation.

If you prefer a more relaxed pace, consider spending an afternoon at one of Surrey’s esteemed vineyards or take a tranquil boat ride along the River Wey.

From adrenaline-packed adventures to serene leisure experiences, Surrey has something for everyone.

Old pub in Surrey, England.
Surrey has some wonderful old pubs for you to enjoy. Photo by Viktor Forgacs.

Places To Visit in Surrey

In Surrey, a plethora of diverse attractions await every type of traveller.

From the historical depths of Hampton Court Palace to the scenic beauty atop Leith Hill Tower, the county offers a well-rounded itinerary.

Whether you’re a garden enthusiast, lover of old buildings, or someone seeking a unique day out, Surrey’s must-visit places offer something for everyone.

  • Leith Hill Tower: Offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, Leith Hill Tower is an ideal spot for photography or simply soaking in the scenery.
  • RHS Garden Wisley: As one of the world’s great gardens, Wisley is a must-see for horticulture enthusiasts, featuring diverse plant species and beautifully designed landscapes.
  • Hampton Court Palace: This historic royal palace offers a fascinating glimpse into the Tudor period and features stunning gardens and a famous maze.
  • Guildford Castle: Located in the heart of Guildford, this Norman castle is rich in history and provides excellent views from its tower.
  • Epsom Downs Racecourse: Famous for the annual Derby horse race, Epsom Downs offers a unique day out, whether you’re a racing fan or just looking for a lively atmosphere.
Beautiful gardens in Surrey.
RHS Garden Wisley is stunning and should be on your visiting list. Photo © Len Williams (cc-by-sa/2.0).

Popular Towns In Surrey

Surrey is adorned with a selection of captivating towns and villages, each offering something unique to visitors and residents alike.

From historic market towns to modern urban centres, there’s a locale for everyone’s tastes.

  • Guildford: The county seat, known for its cobbled High Street and bustling shopping centres.
  • Farnham: A picturesque market town famous for its Georgian streets and historic deer park.
  • Woking: A modern town with a Martian sculpture in homage to H.G. Wells who lived there.
  • Reigate: A foodie’s paradise with various independent cafes and restaurants.
  • Epsom: Known for its horse racing, it blends sporting history with suburban tranquillity.

A good idea for any short breaks in Surrey is to drive around and explore under your own steam.

Surrey is blessed with many small, beautiful villages that may be around that next corner, so take the time to look around.

Farnham castle in Surrey
The ruins of Farnham Castle, a popular visitor attraction in Surrey.

Planning Short Breaks in Surrey

A great idea before you start your weekend break in Surrey is to plan ahead.

From where you will be staying to the attractions you want to visit, planning ahead will make the most of your time in this beautiful English county.

Here are some suggestions for your trip to Surrey:

  • If you’re an art aficionado, don’t miss the Watts Gallery in Compton, featuring the works of renowned artist G. F. Watts.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts should pack a good pair of hiking boots to explore the many walking trails and nature reserves.
  • Public transport can be limited in rural areas, so consider renting a car for ease of movement.
  • While the area is generally safe, always exercise standard travel precautions, including keeping an eye on your belongings in crowded areas.
  • Check out local food festivals and farmers’ markets to sample the best of Surrey’s local produce.

Surrey encapsulates the charm of the English countryside while offering a touch of sophistication through its historical landmarks, cultural hubs, and quality dining options.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, an adventure-packed weekend, or a short break to reconnect with nature, Surrey provides an idyllic setting that meets a multitude of travel aspirations.

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