Short Breaks in Pembrokeshire

Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Pembrokeshire

Located in the southwestern corner of Wales, Pembrokeshire is a haven for those seeking a mix of rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, and charming villages.

Known for its expansive national park and rich maritime history, it offers an array of activities and attractions that make it an ideal location for short breaks.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a history enthusiast, Pembrokeshire promises an unforgettable experience.

Coastline of Pembrokeshire in Wales, perfect for a weekend break.
The Green Bridge on the stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire, in Wales.

Why Pembrokeshire for Short Breaks?

When considering short breaks in Pembrokeshire, the appeal of this beautiful area is wide and multi-faceted.

The area is home to the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, a haven of natural beauty characterised by dramatic cliffs and hidden coves that invite exploration.

For those who crave adventure, the range of water sports on offer, from kayaking to paddleboarding, will not disappoint.

But it’s not all about the great outdoors; Pembrokeshire’s rich maritime history and ancient castles like Pembroke Castle provide a cultural depth that adds another layer to your visit.

And let’s not forget the local cuisine—seafood lovers, in particular, will find much to celebrate.

Photo of Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales
Tenby, in Pembrokeshire, is a fantastic base for exploring this part of Wales.

How To Get To Pembrokeshire

Travelling to Pembrokeshire couldn’t be more straightforward, irrespective of your location in the UK.

If you’re driving from London, you can take the M4 motorway and expect to arrive in 4-5 hours. Rail connections are also excellent, with Haverfordwest easily accessible from London Paddington in about 5 hours.

Alternatively, Cardiff Airport is the closest air terminal, and it’s only a two-hour drive to Pembrokeshire. Car hire services are abundant at the airport for your convenience.

Average Driving Times To Vale of Glamorgan

Starting PointAverage Travel Time to Pembrokeshire
London4-5 hours by car, 5 hours by train
Birmingham3-4 hours by car, 4 hours by train
Manchester4-5 hours by car, 4-5 hours by train
Cardiff2 hours by car, 2.5 hours by train

The Highlight of Pembrokeshire: The Coastal National Park

Pembrokeshire is renowned for its Coastal National Park, a true gem that stands out as an unmissable highlight for short breaks.

This National Park is the only one in the UK primarily focused on its coastline, and what a stunning coastline it is. Stretching over 186 miles, the Park encompasses a varied terrain of sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and secluded coves.

Whether it’s hiking along the coastal path, taking part in water sports like kayaking and surfing, or merely soaking up the breathtaking views, the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park offers a multitude of experiences that captivate the hearts of visitors.

It’s an awe-inspiring landscape that promises a memorable backdrop for your getaway.

The coastal park in Pembrokeshire, Wales
The stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire in Wales.

Activities and Entertainment in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pembrokeshire offers a wealth of activities and entertainment options, making it an ideal destination for short breaks.

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or looking for family-friendly activities, there’s something for everyone.

  • Marine Life Tours: Spot dolphins and seals on boat tours.
  • Coasteering: Explore sea caves and rugged coastlines.
  • Windsurfing: Catch the wind and ride the waves for an adrenaline rush.
  • Golf: Tee off at various scenic golf courses.
  • Family Attractions: Spend a day at Folly Farm or Oakwood Theme Park for family fun.

With such a varied range of activities, Pembrokeshire caters to all tastes and ages.

Puffins on Skomer island in pembrokeshire, Wales
Puffins on Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire, a dream for lovers of nature.

5 Places to Visit in Pembrokeshire

When planning your short break in Pembrokeshire, there are several must-visit places that offer a unique experience.

From historical landmarks to natural wonders, here’s a list of five places you shouldn’t miss.

  • St. David’s Cathedral: Located in Britain’s smallest city, this impressive cathedral is a site of pilgrimage and an architectural gem.
  • Pembroke Castle: Discover the rich history of Wales in this medieval castle, where you can explore ancient halls and take in panoramic views from the keep.
  • Tenby: A picturesque seaside town known for its pastel-coloured houses, beautiful beaches and a medieval wall that surrounds it.
  • Skomer Island: A paradise for birdwatchers, this island is home to puffins, seals, and a myriad of other wildlife.
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park: Famous for its rugged coastline, this national park offers stunning vistas and hiking trails that traverse both coastal and inland landscapes.

Each of these destinations offers a unique slice of what makes Pembrokeshire a fantastic place for a short break.

Pentre Ifan in the Pembrokeshire National Park in Wales
Sunset over Pentre Ifan in the Pembrokeshire National Park in Wales

Popular Towns in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has a variety of towns that cater to different tastes and interests, making it a versatile destination for all types of visitors.

Here are some popular towns you may want to include in your travel itinerary:

  • Haverfordwest: As the county town of Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest is a convenient base for exploring the surrounding region. It offers a blend of modern amenities and historical sites, including its own castle.
  • Fishguard: Known for its ferry port connecting to Ireland, Fishguard also boasts stunning coastal scenery and an intriguing history that includes a failed French invasion.
  • Milford Haven: This deep-water port town is not only important industrially but also offers recreational boating opportunities and a range of seafront shops and eateries.
  • Narberth: A bustling market town filled with artisanal shops, Narberth is a place for foodies and those interested in Welsh crafts.
  • Saundersfoot: A charming seaside resort close to Tenby, Saundersfoot is a great spot for family-friendly beach activities and water sports.

Each of these towns brings its own character and offerings to the table, making Pembrokeshire a well-rounded destination for short breaks.

Cleddau Bridge in Milford Haven, complete with waterside places to enjoy a meal.

Useful Tips for Short Breaks in Pembrokeshire

When planning any short breaks in Pembrokeshire, it’s always beneficial to have some insider knowledge.

Here are some useful tips to make the most out of your trip:

  • Weather: Pembrokeshire generally experiences milder weather compared to the rest of Wales, but always pack layers and waterproofs, especially if you plan to explore the coast.
  • Public Transport: The Puffin Shuttle and Coastal Buses are excellent for hopping between towns and beaches.
  • Local Produce: Don’t miss out on sampling local cheese, Welsh cakes, and seafood.
  • Walking Routes: If you’re a hiking enthusiast, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path offers stunning views and diverse landscapes.
  • Tide Times: Always check tide times if you’re planning on visiting the beach or taking part in water-based activities.

Visit Pembrokeshire For The Perfect Weekend Break

In conclusion, Pembrokeshire offers an idyllic setting for short breaks, filled with natural beauty, historical sites, and outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re in search of tranquil beaches, scenic walking trails, or delightful local cuisine, Pembrokeshire promises a fulfilling and memorable experience.

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